Food diary: Day 2

Muesli again but without nuts this time and with a kiwi + green tea.

Homemade bread with philadelphia light and a glass of soy milk.

I have no idea what this is called in english! It's got a sort of cake structure with a sweet taste and it's made of eggs. + dried apricots: very iron-rich!

And again, a not very photogenic meal: broccoli with potato croquettes and pork meat in mushroom sauce. The potato croquettes are fried in our air fryer (tip) so we don't have to use frying oil > healthier!

Late night snack
I am watching super exciting series and I totally forget about the time. Suddenly my stomach reminds me that it's 22.30 and I slightly get feelings of hunger. I know it's not very good to eat late, but I can't resist green tea with biscuits.

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