My food diary

Since half a year I am am keeping up a food diary. Writing it all down definitely helps you to be more aware of how healthy you eat. I decided to take pictures of the meals I eat for a whole week and put them here. (After I shot the first day I realized that my dinners at not very photogenic)

>> Day 1

I always start the day with a good breakfast, I never skip it because I think it's the most important meal of the day. Helps me to wake up, gives energy and I'm pretty much always hungry when I wake up.. I eat biologic muesli with oatmeal, raisins, extra linseed and bran, a few unsalted nuts and low fat yoghurt. I drink two cups of green tea.

At home we bake our own bread. Sometimes we add some nice herbs or nuts and raisins. It's very good with marmalade (the one in the picture is made of pineapple & pear). I also drink a glass of soy milk and I eat a kiwi for the vitamins.

In the afternoon I met up with a friend in Utrecht and we drink a cup of tea with a piece of french apple almond pie, hmmm!

For dinner we my mom cooked tagliatelle with some spinach, italian vegetable mix and shrimps. One of my favorites!

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  1. Wauw dat ziet er healthy uit! Mooie foto's.

    Heel leuk!


  2. You eat such nice food! I love bread like that, you should try making cranberry and pecan! Great blog, will follow!
    Katie xx

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