These pictures were taken just before Holland got covered in snow, I went boarding on a 'sunny afternoon'. I don't have a lot of skills yet hehe.. still feel like I'm a danger for myself AND other people on the road so I stay away from the crowded places and big roads until I have learnt how to control everything and make a normal stop instead of jumping off and screaming ''everybody save yourself out of the wayyy!''
But I really like to practice :) My boyfriend got me into this. I am using his old board since he got a new one. Can't wait for the summer to come!!

Pictures made by my sister

Cat paws

Whooooah busy with my last year. Goodbye social life, see you in 10 weeks...
Today was so cold. When I bought some summer items from sale last week I was hoping that it would get warmer from now on, but we will have to wait for the sun a little longer.. my bag is lying!

Jumper, beanie, boots - ASOS, bag - Doubler le Soleil