The Chanel Legend

Recently when we were out early from class, a few of my classmates and I visited the 'Gemeentemuseum Den Haag' to see 'The Chanel Legend' exhibition. It offers a lightning tour of the life and work of Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel and her celebrated fashion house. They show top items from the '20s and '30s, women's suits from the '60s, all original Chanel designs, including creations worn by star clients. You can also find designs from Karl Lagerfeld who joined the House of Chanel in 1983.

I really liked the old Vogue issues and ads, the sparkly jewelry, and a line-up of 'little black dresses' from Yves Saint Laurent, Hussein Chalayan, Max Heymans and other designers. Spotted my favorite LBD: from Hussein Chalayan! Unfortunately I can only wear a designer dress like that in my dreams, but visitors of the museum could take a picture with a Chanel tweed jacket. My picture is not 'blog-worthy' because the jacket was too big and I have a very uncomfortable expression on my face ^-^

I uploaded a small selection in black & white so I won't spoil the fun for the ones who still want to visit the exhibition :)

You can visit the exhibition from 12 October until 2 February 2014. For more information click here.

Artis Zoo

OK I guess I'm not such a great blogger.. It's been over a month since I last posted.. yep. that's bad. It's not that I'm extremely busy, but I am trying to focus on my new study.. just simply takes energy and time and I just didn't feel like I had much interesting things to share lately. Hopefully soon I'll create pretty pretty things at the arts academy of which I'm proud enough to share here!

So when I logged in here again I noticed that I had never posted these pics from the Artis Zoo I visited with by boyfriend - a lot of months ago..- but I still like to share them :) My love for animals is biiig! Especially for cats, they are awe-some. If I had to choose which animal I could be, definitely a cat.

What animal would you choose to be?

 The lions were hungry!

So cute!

Streetstyle: De IJhallen

Wherever I go I always look around to see how other people dress, how they express themselves and with unique combinations they are a big inspiration to me. I've always loved street style photography and blogs so this weekend when I was selling stuff at the IJhallen fleemarket I thought I'd try it myself. In Venice I've already had the chance to practice a little with the street-casting assignment and I really enjoyed doing it.

People are very nice when I ask them and I'm so happy with the result! I'm definitely going to do this more often. Let me know what you think!

When I saw this couple at the market I just had to take a picture of them! They were actually the first people ever who I've asked for a street style shot (I was always too shy ha ha). I think they look so beautiful together, perfectly dressed in 40s style, with a great eye for details.

Finally someone who dares to wear orange! She shows that you can look very stylish in the bright color. She combined the longline cardigan with a simple black and white outfit, leather backpack and zipper boots.

This girl really pulled off the soft pink trend with her trousers! The top and platform shoes gave her outfit some edge. I also loved her hair and make up, which you unfortunately can't see very well on the picture. 

I need those trousers! I think it's very cool that the woman wears an all golden outfit with matching shiny black shoes, great combination!

I love unexpected combinations like the left girl in this picture has created. She mixed a lot of colors and materials and it works out great. I'm a big fan of the floral cowboy boots! Her friend went for a little less color; black & red. Very classy and I love the oversized jacket!

When this girl passed me I went after her and just before I wanted to ask her for a photo another woman got to her first to tell her that she liked her outfit a lot (though she didn't have a camera haha). The colorful printed shirt and accessories details make a beautiful contrast with her all black outfit. 

Venice Biennale

Today I stayed home because I became sick yesterday, meh :( but at least I had enough time for homework and to sort out my pictures from last week's trip to Venice with the Academy! It was a big surprise to hear that we were going to the city and La Biennale di Venezia.

We travelled by bus for 12 hours, I probably got 2 hours of sleep that night and when we arrived, we got to throw our stuff in little cabins and headed off to the city by boat.... which I missed so for me the adventure started 1 hour later :')

Venice is absolutely beautiful! First day was about exploring the streets, bridges, shops, restaurants and working on one of our assignments: street-casting. We had to photograph different identities, and then choose one type of person to 'cast' the other days. It was harder than it sounds but a lot of fun!
The second and third day we visited The Biennale. There is a big variety of beautiful, weird, funny, confusing art like paintings, sculptures, sounds, movies, photographs, installations, performances and more. I found it pretty hard to not try to understand everything ha ha! My eyes got even more tired than my legs everyday because I was constantly scanning people, taking pictures, looking at the city & art and the lack of sleep didn't help much either. But it was totally worth it!