Workout videos

Recently I discovered workout videos and how motivating they are! I have played field hockey for about 10 years, but had to quit because of busy school year. I had to find myself an alternative to stay fit & in shape.

Running became my cardio workout and I never thought I would like it this much. It makes me feel strong, helps me to clear my mind and I get a lot of energy from it!
I also made a scheme with workouts for my arms, legs, butt and core. TIP! Most of the workouts are from these victoria's secret videos with Doutzen Kroes. You should check them out!

I try to do all these 2/3 times a week monday till friday + go running in the weekends. In this way I can stay in for the workouts when it's dark & cold outside after I come home from work/school.

ASOS orderrrr

whoo received my ASOS order ! <3

I am very happy with the Zoe Karssen bat t, it's been on my wishlist for so long but it's quite expensive for a 'simple' t. Last week asos offered it with discount so i thought, this is my change! loove the blue color (:

Impulse purchase.. I thought these leggings were fun with the animal + graphic print, but I ordered a size 8 and I forgot that the model who wore the same size is only 1.68 tall and I'm like.. 1.80 > shit was way too short, looked really stupid on me.. Even my pair of leather boots couldn't save me from returning it :( Also because of the fabric, every piece looks different and mine had one of those white circles exactly on the middle of my ass which didn't look very flattering :p too bad.

Also got this burgundy/grey reversable! beanie, feels so soft :)
(immediately ordered another colour after I received it, jeej for IDEAL & free shipping!)

Last but not least: earcufffffs! These are perfect & in sale hehe

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