Off to Barcelona!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a holiday to Barcelona!! I'm going with my mom, the trip is a present for graduation from my Graphic Design study. I'm super excited, also for the flight, it has been a while since I last travelled by plane! Also the weather in Holland sucks right now and it's around 22 degrees in Barcelona jeeee, packing my bikini, a load shorts/dresses and fake LV diva sunnies for sure! (love them for the flower details) I'll be back in a week with lot's of nice pics :) ciao!

I'm not packing my cat! The little rebel came to destroy my setting as always

New jeans

I have actually bought a pair of jeans for the first time in 5 years! No? What?
Used to have this sort of 'fase' in which I never any kind of pants at all, and after that I just wore really, really old ones from high school.

Found these jeans on sale and I tried them on for fun. They happened to fit perfectly and because the button was missing so I got an extra bit off the price. For only 10 euros I got to bring them home. I still need to fix the button but I just couldn't wait wearing them (I'm not leaving the house anyway).

Zara top - The Sting (outlet) jeans - Converse shoes


When you're working hard, don't forget to treat yourself with nice & healthy foods! Love to have a big lunch and actually enjoy it, instead of eating my bread during lessons at school. Taking breaks helps me to concentrate better!