Off to Barcelona!

Tomorrow I'm leaving for a holiday to Barcelona!! I'm going with my mom, the trip is a present for graduation from my Graphic Design study. I'm super excited, also for the flight, it has been a while since I last travelled by plane! Also the weather in Holland sucks right now and it's around 22 degrees in Barcelona jeeee, packing my bikini, a load shorts/dresses and fake LV diva sunnies for sure! (love them for the flower details) I'll be back in a week with lot's of nice pics :) ciao!

I'm not packing my cat! The little rebel came to destroy my setting as always

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Leuke foto's + je kat ziet er echt lief uit (: x Beyza

  2. ah die bikini is heel mooi! En ik las dat je grafisch design hebt gestudeeerd! Kun je mij daar misschien wat over vertellen? wat je dan moet doen en wat het inhoud? Liefs Nina