& other stories

Recently I stumbled on this new webshop called '& other stories.' It's a brand under the H&M group, full of beautiful garments and accessories, minimalistic and sophisticated style for an affordable price. Visit the shop here. (free shipping to the Netherlands whooo!)

I normally don't wear these chic super feminine clothes but I really like the way all products are photographed on the webshop, they just make me want to have it all! I managed to resist for now.. but they have a store in Barcelona, where I will be in 2 months! Going for a week with my mom, so I'll definitely step by in their shop :)

1 opmerking:

  1. Ik vind het zo'n prachtige site!
    En zoveel mooie spulletjes... zucht
    Snel gaan sparen :)

    ps. ik heb een giveaway op mijn blog!