Artis Zoo

OK I guess I'm not such a great blogger.. It's been over a month since I last posted.. yep. that's bad. It's not that I'm extremely busy, but I am trying to focus on my new study.. just simply takes energy and time and I just didn't feel like I had much interesting things to share lately. Hopefully soon I'll create pretty pretty things at the arts academy of which I'm proud enough to share here!

So when I logged in here again I noticed that I had never posted these pics from the Artis Zoo I visited with by boyfriend - a lot of months ago..- but I still like to share them :) My love for animals is biiig! Especially for cats, they are awe-some. If I had to choose which animal I could be, definitely a cat.

What animal would you choose to be?

 The lions were hungry!

So cute!

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